Please follow these steps in order make a drop to your student’s current schedule:

  1. Click this link to add the “COURSE CHANGE – DROP REQUEST” to your cart. There is a $20 charge per student for drops.
  2. Add the new class(es) which you would like to add to your student’s schedule to your cart. If you’ve already checked out with the new class(es) or will not be replacing the dropped class with another, skip to step 4.
  3. Check out with the course change fee and the classes you are adding to your student’s schedule. Delete the $200 “Student Registration” fee that automatically shows up in your cart by xing it out. Remember, you will need to enter your registration code in the Arrow Code field in your cart and “Apply” it to be able to check out.
  4. Use this form to request to drop the classes(es) from your student’s schedule. The form may be filled out for multiple drops for one student at a time. If you have more than one student, who requires changes, please complete the form for each individual student.

Again, if you need to add a class to a period where your student already has a seat in another class, use this form to request the registrar drop the class/period that your student no longer needs. If there are seats available in the class you want to add, then you will need to add the new class to your cart, delete the automatically added “Student Registration” by xing it out and check out with the new class on your own.

You will receive an email from the registrar when the change request has been completed.