Hello Arrow Families!

We are DELIGHTED to have your family returning for the 2023-24 school year at Arrow Christian! We are hard at work planning the master course schedule, and your early commitment to our program helps us to craft the best schedule possible.

With that in mind, we are inviting all pre-registered families to complete the following interest surveys for the next school year. As an a la carte program, it is sometimes challenging to predict what classes will have the highest demand, and we know wait-lists are stressful for everyone. Please give us your best guess for what you are highly likely to select for your student. There is no obligation to choose that course when registration opens, so do not let that deter you from sharing your current plans.

Please fill out one survey for each of your returning students. Surveys are by grade level: Lower Academy (PreK-6th), Middle School (6th-8th), and High School (9th-12th). If you have an incoming 6th grader who will take classes in both LA and UA, please fill out both surveys for that student.

The classes listed on the surveys are classes we are likely to offer, but we cannot guarantee that every class listed will make the final schedule. Classes we cannot staff or classes that have low demand may be cycled off for a school year.

The surveys have a free response section at the bottom. Please use that to share feedback of any kind regarding the schedule (i.e. history is our top priority, we want a full day of academic subjects, looking for electives only, social considerations will influence course selection, I know someone who could teach that!, I have another suggestion, or anything you else you think we might find helpful as we craft the final schedule).

Finally, we ask that you do not forward or share these links with other Arrow families. If someone has pre-registered and has not received this survey email and links, please have them reach out to Cynthia@ArrowChristian.com. We are sending the surveys in batches over the next few days and keeping track of completed steps for each family in our records. 

Thank you so much! As a parent partnership ministry, your input in this process will do so much to help us improve what we offer for our community. We appreciate you so much!

Lower Academy Course Intention Survey (PK-6th)

Middle School Course Intention Survey (6th-8th)

High School Course Intention Survey (9th-12th)


The Arrow Leadership Team