Worship Songwriting – 3rd Pd Wednesday (9th+)


Course Description:  “Oh sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth!” (Ps. 96:1) Songs have always overflowed from God’s people. In this class we will examine the parts of a song and the process of crafting songs that facilitate worship. Classroom activities will include discussions, collaborative songwriting exercises, and sharing original songs. Homework will include writing original songs based off songwriting prompts.

Many decades ago Darrell was a rock star in Taiwan with Sony-BMG. His latest music project was a recording of original worship songs with his church worship band: www.createworship.org.
Special Consideration: Parents, may we gently encourage you that due to the nature of this class, it is best suited for students eager and willing to participate in worship and collaborative songwriting. Please consult with your student as to their interest before selecting this class.
Curriculum: Mastering Melody Writing: A Songwriter’s Guide to Hookier Songs With Pattern, Repetition, and Arc by Clay Mills and Bill O’Hanlon (the kindle version is half the cost of the print version, so feel free to use that if your household uses kindle books); The Christian Book of Mystical Verse (A.W. Tozer, ed.) (If your household uses kindle, feel free to get the kindle version as it is only 10 cents!)

Teacher:  Darrell Six

Course Expectations:  1-2 Hours per week

Grade Level: 9+

Max Students: 12

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