Worldview 2 – UA 2nd Pd Fri (8th+)


The goals for this curriculum are twofold. The first goal is defensive: to keep students from being deceived by anti-Christian worldviews. The second goal is offensive: to train them to actively live out the truth of Christianity in a culture of relativism and confusion. Grading will be largely based on participation in classroom discussions. Light homework and reading will be assigned. Some topics may be sensitive, and it is recommended that parents do the reading with the student. Worldview 2 uses the same book as both MS & HS Worldview I but focuses on the second half of the books. Only students who have completed Worldview I at Arrow can register for this course – if you register for this course without that prerequisite, the student will automatically be moved to a study hall.

Teacher: Chris Harrington
Lightbearers Student Manual 3rd Rev $19.95
How To Be Your Own Selfish Pig $9.95
Expectations: 2-3 hours for reading and homework
Prerequisite: MS Worldview 1 or HS Worldview 1
Grade Levels: 8th+
Max Students: 12

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