Vocal Ensemble – 4th Period Wednesday


Teacher: Grace Miller

Class Description:  This will be a fun and engaging opportunity for teen guys & gals to exercise their vocal chords and make beautiful music together while learning how to sing in harmony.  Students will learn good vocal production, breathing technique & support, how voices blend together and find out about pitch tuning, rhythm and visual performance.  We will explore selections from various time periods and genres of music, including arrangements of hymns, spirituals, contemporary Christian & worship music.    While some of the music we learn will be A Capella (unaccompanied) arrangements, we also will need instrumentalists who would like to play in the “band” to accompany the vocal ensemble.  Some such instruments could be (but are not limited to) piano, electronic keyboard, synthesizer, guitar, bass guitar, assorted strings, flute, etc.  If you are not sure if your instrument fits, please contact the instructor for verification.   

It is my desire that we will be able to share our gift of music with others, through concerts and other events throughout the year.

Prerequisite:  This is an intermediate class for students (13-18) who can read music, match pitches, sing in tune and hear when a pitch goes higher or lower.  Knowing how to harmonize is not required…we will learn how to do that.  If a potential student is uncertain if they meet the prerequisites, they can arrange for an evaluation with the instructor.  Instrumentalists should be somewhat accomplished on their instrument and know how to read chords and printed music.

Class Requirements:  Students will be expected to come to class ready to learn and be attentive.  This is a short class hour, so excessive chatting will keep us from accomplishing our goals.  Each student will choice a favorite hymn and prepare a report and presentation on the origins and story behind the writer and the circumstances surrounding that hymn.  Homework will be to practice the music we are learning and come to class knowing your part.  Average 30-45 min/day

Textbooks and Materials:

  1. 3 ring binder (1 or 1.5”
  2. Supplemental resourses TBD
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