Early American History, Section B – 4th Pd Wed (10th+)


Early American History (Section B – 10th+)

Course Description:  This 1-credit course is the foundational course for the 3-year sequence of high school history: Early American History, Modern American and World History w/ Literature and World History & Philosophy. This course will focus on the foundations of the United States of America, including the Founders, the Founding documents, and the Foundational principles of freedom. Our emphasis will be on a Biblical worldview of American history, as we examine how biblical principles shaped the nation America became. Classroom study will ask the “who, what ,where, when, why, and how” of American history, as well as an in-depth look at many of our founding documents from the Mayflower Compact to the Declaration of Independence to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. “No other nation in the world has experienced the widespread levels of stability, individual prosperity and personal freedoms that have defined this nation. What made us different from other nations? Was it the people, the principles or the blessing of God? It was all three… Our past is filled with captivating accounts—of the brave and the cowardly; of heroes and villains; of atrocities, corruption, and greed, as well as self-sacrifice, honor and redemption…Yet we have a compelling story [that reveals] God’s providence in America.”

Teacher:  Rhonda Wesselius


Notgrass Exploring America, part 1 2019 edition – https://www.christianbook.com/exploring-america-part-1/ray-notgrass/9781609999988/pd/999991?product_redirect=1&Ntt=Notgrass%20Exploring%20America,%20part%201%202019%20edition&item_code=&ps_exit=RETURN|legacy&Ntk=keywords&event=ESRCG

Notgrass Exploring America Student Review (only) – https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Notgrass+Exploring+America+Student+Review

The American Story– by David & Tim Barton – https://www.patriotacademy.com/store/product/82

Virginia’s General: Robert E. Lee and the Civil War by Albert Marrin – https://www.amazon.com/Virginias-General-Albert-Marrin

Hillsdale College online Course: The Great American Story: The Land of Hope (lectures 1-10) https://online.hillsdale.edu/landing/the-great-american-story (free)

Expectations:  3-4 hours /week with occasional extra time for at-home tests, projects, papers or presentations.
There will be 1 project OR major paper per semester, AND 1 presentation per semester.

Prerequisites:  10th graders should have had one year of high school history with Mrs. Wesselius prior to registering for this class. If not, the A section should be selected. Ability to read high school level text for meaning and comprehension, answer questions in complete sentences, and write paragraphs and basic essays.

Grade Level:  10th+

Max Students:  12

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