Theatrical Lit – 6th Pd (5th-6th)


Course Description:  The purpose of this class is to help students learn to develop their character, learn basic acting and improv skills, and improve their ability to adapt and overcome when outside of their comfort zone. In addition to acting, students will read J.R.R Tolkien’s: The Hobbit during the first semester. We will work through the beauty of The Hobbit, both in character development and the rich language offered by Tolkien. Each student will be instructed to choose a monologue from a play, book or movie etc to work on. During the first few weeks of class, students will learn how to deliver a monologue with confidence. The student will then audition with their chosen monologue by week 8 for the end of the year show. Casting will be based on the students’ willingness to learn, grow, and excel on stage and in the classroom. Participation equals growth! Students will then implement the techniques taught to bring The Hobbit to life on stage at the end of the year. If a student would rather not perform, they will be given the opportunity to help with script managing, tech, costuming etc, or some other task that is vital to the production.

Students will learn:

    • Improv skills through games and repetition exercises with the Meisner Technique
    • Acting methods such as The Stanislavski method and The Chekov technique
    • How to read, understand, and discuss literature
    • How to learn, adapt, and overcome as a team
    • How to preform on stage comfortably and confidently
    • How to see the beauty of fiction and how it applies Biblical themes we can learn from in a group setting

Teacher:  Brennan Brock

Expectations: HOMEWORK EXPECTATIONS: 2-2.5 hours per week

There will be some worksheets based on the reading in the first semester. Students will be requested to read 2 chapters a week for 10 weeks. The second semester will primarily consist of memorization, with some acting worksheets thrown in. No essays will be required. A few extra rehearsals and practices will be scheduled as performance time approaches, probably in March/April. We will work to accommodate families’ busy schedules with either/or options.

Curriculum/Materials:  To Purchase:

-Memoria Press: The Hobbit Student Guide

-Copy of The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

-A binder, either small 3 ring, or paper folder to transport any hand-outs

-Pencils and highlighters

Max Students:  12

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