Theater: The ACT – 6th Period Friday


Storytelling on stage is an art form that goes back thousands of years. In this class for grades 4-8 only, students will act, play theatre games, learn the basics of improv, create characters, and perform in short skits and scenes with other members of the class. Fundamental skills and scene work will be the major focus, with stories chosen from a wide array of plays for young actors. While having fun and expressing their creativity, students will encounter a wide variety of settings, characters, and plots, learning to become effective storytellers and growing their knowledge of the world in the process.

Arrow Program: Arrow Primer
Class Day: Friday
Teacher: The ACT
Curriculum: Created by The ACT Academy of the Performing Arts
Prerequisites: None
Expectations: Practicing & memorizing lines, some at-home assignments will be given
Supply Fee: None; however, students may be asked to provide some basic clothing items for their costumes, such as shoes, pants, or solid color T-shirts.

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