Texas History – 5th Period Wednesday (7th-8th)


This course will explore Texas geography and regions, Texas symbols and culture, and Texas history from the Native American tribes, to the early “300” settlers, the heroes of the Texas Revolution, the Republic of Texas, Texas statehood, Texas during the Civil War, and the emerging Texas as an economic and political powerhouse. We will also learn about the Texas government and how it works. All of our study will be from a uniquely Christian worldview, with a special emphasis on the church and spiritual movements, and how they impacted Texas history. We hope to have a family field trip to Austin / San Antonio to see some of the historic places. There will be 4 presentations: 1 on geography, 2 on history and 1 on government.

Teacher: Rhonda Wesselius

Curriculum: The Texas God Created by Dana Buckley. 2nd or 3rd edition. Out of print. We are still pursuing permission to reprint. Arrow will provide at cost.

Expectations: 3-4 hours

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