Study Skills (Fall) / Logic (Spring) – 2nd Pd Wednesday (8th-10th)


Course Description: Study Skills will be covered in Fall Semester.  Logic Skills will be covered in Spring Semester.

Study Skills (Curriculum: Victus Study Skills by Memoria Press):  Students may want to study more efficiently but seldom are taught how. Written by a long-time professional educator and strategic-planning consultant, this course presents the foundational concepts of the Victus Study Skills System including goal setting, learning strengths, time management, test taking, note taking, and reading skills. Using a systems approach to study, students learn how to succeed in academics and in life. This is an ideal course for students new to Arrow, and for any student in 7th to 10th grade.

Logic (Curriculum: Traditional Logic I by Memoria Press)
A thought-provoking course that helps students realize that their “automatic” thinking processes are made up of many distinct smaller steps, breaks down these processes into individual parts, and provides terminology and examples to discuss them.This curriculum consists of an Introduction followed by 14 chapters, with a workbook that portions study into manageable daily lessons that build in small steps. The Introduction provides a background of logic as a methodology and science and defines key concepts used in logic. The subsequent chapters cover both the mental and verbal aspects of Terms (chapters 1-3), Propositions (chapters 4-9), and Syllogisms (chapters 10-13). Chapter 14 provides a comprehensive review.

Expectations:  30 minutes per week, putting into practice concepts learned in class.

Teacher: Kuehn

Max Students: 12

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