Middle School Spanish – 5th Period Wednesday (6th-8th)


Course Description: Did you know that almost 30% of Texans speak Spanish? This year-long class can be a middle school introduction to Spanish or can satisfy a high school requirement for one foreign language credit while equipping students with the ability to speak and understand useful expressions. Excelerate SPANISH is a dynamic, multi-sensory approach designed to replicate the process by which all people learn their first language. Lessons mimic real-life situations and provide meaningful contexts and a low-stress environment, all while enabling students to respond to and retain the new vocabulary and structures.

Heather Jane Link 
Curriculum: Textbooks and Materials:
Excelerate Spanish Textbook and by Caryn Powell Hommel
Excelerate SPANISH Workbook, both by Caryn Powell Hommel
Streaming online video access login (provided by instructor)
Prerequisites: Ability to read and write fluently in English and able to have fun! 
Expectations: Students will require online access with the ability to stream videos and be expected to do the following each week: Watch a 45-minute online video to learn vocabulary and pronunciation Complete Excelerate SPANISH textbook pages and online review Complete workbook activities for further practice and mastery Complete online quiz Practice learning in bite size pieces with the free Duolingo app 3 times a week.
Homework: 30 minutes/ 4 days a week

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