Spanish 1 (5th+) (1st period)


It is said that the Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the world. It is also said that the youngest you are introduced to a language, the better. In this Spanish class, kids will discover how this language works by learning vocabulary words, verbs, and some basic grammar concepts. Each week we will introduce new words and concepts through games, songs, and conversation. Throughout the week your child will be expected to spend 30 minutes working on written exercises and practicing conversation with the help of weekly audio recordings. As a native Spanish speaker myself, I chose the Spanish for You! curriculum because of its easy flow introducing new concepts, its affordability and its non-intimidating way of introducing your child to a new language. I believe this is the year your child will see how Spanish is for everyone!

Arrow Program: Arrow Primer
Class Day: Friday
Teacher: Elena Garcia
Curriculum: Spanish for You!
Prerequisites: None 
Expectations: 30 minutes of homework per week
Supply Fee: None

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