Spanish 1 – Wed 5th Pd & Fri UA 1st Pd (9th-12th)


Course Description: Introduction to the Spanish language with an emphasis on using the language to communicate at a novice level.  In this course, students will learn an ample amount of vocabulary, and grammar, including pronoun usage and verb conjugation in the present tense. Spanish culture will be explored and discussed.

This course meets BOTH WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY – you will automatically be enrolled in both days when you register.

Teacher: Gina Schmidt

Curriculum: BJU Spanish 1, 3rd edition, Nuevos Amigos

Course Expectations: Students are expected to complete weekly assigned material, exercises, and activities.  Students will keep a notebook for recording vocabulary and key grammar rules, and keep handouts given in class. This class requires about 30-40 minutes of study/work time 4 days/week for best success.

Class Days: This class meets both Wednesday and Friday 

Pre-requisites:  None

Grade Level:  9th – 12th

Max Students:  12


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