Science – 3rd Period Friday (5th-6th)


Utilizing Apologia’s Junior Explorer Series this year, we will have a WHALE of time exploring God’s creation underwater. Our adventures begin in studying the wonders of the deep with Apologia’s underwater Zoology learning about rivers, streams, oceans and underwater animals both great and small. The Junior Explorers program is a robust program that will also prepare our students for upper science classes with the Apologia module format and science speculation worksheet.

Teacher: Jenny Adams
Textbook: Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures Textbook
Notebooking Journal: Junior Notebook for 3rd and under or Notebook Journal for 4th and up Optional: MP3 OR AUDIO DOWNLOADS of the textbook
Course Expectations: Students are expected to complete assigned reading material and complete notebook page questions/assignments (as listed in the syllabus) prior to class. By doing so, they will be better equipped to understand the material as it is being presented on Fridays, as well as participate in classroom discussions, demonstrations, experiments, and projects.
Homework: This should take approximately 20-30 mins. a day, up to three days a week.
Grade Levels: 5th-6th

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