Poetry & Fairy Tales – 2nd Pd Friday (1st-2nd)


Course Description: Poetry, a form of literary expression that children of all ages enjoy, promotes language development, creativity, and writing & communication skills. Fairy tales, stories with appealing characters such as princesses and animals who speak, share themes and lessons that help children grow in imagination and understanding of life’s greater moral truths. From listening and recitation, writing short poems as a class, acting out tales, playing games, doing crafts, to enjoying foods that correspond to our lessons, children will be engaged and learn from beloved fairy tales of old and various genres of poetry. Students will complete occasional worksheets as provided by the teacher and do related crafts. Parents can work with students 15 – 30 minutes a week to help them memorize class poems.

Curriculum:  Books and worksheets provided by teacher. A 1″ 3 ring student binder is needed for class each week.

Teacher:  Lanette Frost

Expectations: At home work will involve 15 – 30 minutes each week memorizing our class poems.

Prerequisites: None

Grade Level:  1st – 2nd

Max Students:  12

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