Physical Science – 1st Pd Wed (8th-9th)


Course Description:  Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition is an 8th or 9th grade course designed to cover introductory Chemistry and Physics and how that relates to Earth Science. This course will take you from quarks to rockets and allow you to marvel at the majesty of God’s creation. Like anything worth doing, this course will require effort, but you will be able to glory at God’s creation and how God has imaged himself in it. Be prepared to be awed and amazed at his intricate order and beauty. Emerging from a creation-based Christian worldview, this curriculum contains 15 modules in total, which fits nicely with Arrows 30 week school year. My prayer is that your student will be led toward worship as we study and coincidentally, God used the material that we will cover this year to reveal himself to me, while I was in college.

Every 2 weeks students will memorize vocabulary and formulas, complete On Your Own Questions and Study Guide Questions, and take an exam at home.

Teacher: Robin Owens

Curriculum: Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd edition, Vicki Dincher Textbook and Solutions Manual

3 ring binder

Supply Fee:  $50

Expectations: Class requries reading & vocabulary review that will likely take most families 45 minutes/4 days a week to complete at home.

There is an end of the year presentation on a Physical Science related topic

Prerequisite: PreAlgebra
Placement Test Required: Yes
Grade Level: 8th-9th

Max Students: 16

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