Art & Philosophy (Art Speaks) – 2nd Pd Wed (9th-12th)


Art both influences culture and in turn is influenced by the culture. Join us for a fascinating look at 2,000 years of art and its influence. We will explore Western Civilization’s major artists in the sweeping arc of history. The worldviews of each period are visualized in its art and music. We will observe how the thoughts, ideas, and values of the artists shaped their masterpieces, and track the major changes in thought over time. Ideas penetrate our minds most deeply when communicated through the imaginative language of image, story, and symbol. It is crucial for Christians to learn how to “read” that language and to identify worldviews transmitted through cultural forms.

This course aims to give a framework for discerning messages and appreciating the contributions made to art across time that will have lasting benefit for everyone whether you have a formal interest in art or not.

Students who complete this ART SPEAKS class will be expected to do the following:
– Learn how to observe art – paying attention to symbolism, color, emotion, technique.
– Correlate famous works of art with the correct artist.
– Recognize paintings and place them in the correct genre.
– Recognize key philosophies as they are conveyed through images.
– Discuss the role of art in marketing and propaganda

Teacher: Heather Haupt
30 minutes/week. Select readings and short analysis/presentation assignments that will be spread out so as to not exceed the 30 minute estimate per week. Spring trip to the Dallas Museum of Art planned as well!
Curriculum: Art & the Bible (
– links to various articles to read and discuss throughout the year.
Prerequisites: none
Grade Levels: 9th-12th

Max Students:  12

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