Personal Finance – 1st Pd Wed (10th-12th)


Course Description:  It’s extremely crucial to learn the truth about money before you graduate. Learn how to survive on your own by setting up a budget and take up the challenge to dive into the realm of investing in the stock market with these two class projects! This course explores the concepts of compound interest, budgeting, economics, recessions, inflation and more. You will explore complicated topics on money and economics in a way that is engaging yet practical for the real world. Ramsey Solutions book, Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition for Homeschool Student Text, is the foundation of our course. We will add in strong biblical answers to finance and economics with Ben Quine’s Answers for Difficult Days: Economics. This will help us to take a look through Scripture to see how God set up an economy for His people, and how His principles apply to us today. We will also sprinkle in Richard J. Maybury’s entertaining Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? to help you understand how the realm of economics affects YOU.

Curriculum: Foundations in Personal Finance: Homeschool Student Text Whatever Happened to Penny Candy Answers for Difficult Days: Economics
Expectations: This is not a homework intensive class & will likely take most families 20 minutes/3 days per week to complete at home.
Budget set-up/presentation & Stock Market challenge
Grade Level:  10th – 12th
Max Students:  12
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