OT Survey (8th+) (3rd period)


This course aims to familiarize the student with overarching themes, common literary techniques, and the fundamental messages presented by the Old Testament of Scripture.  Having memorized beautiful passages, discerned God’s character through narrative and prophecy, understood the flow of salvation history, our prayer is that the student will witness the literary genius of Scripture, distinguish the gospel message embedded throughout the Word, and perceive the plentiful reminders of God’s character and his relation to his people.

Arrow Program: Arrow Academics
Class Day: Wednesday
Teacher: Robin Owens
Prerequisites: None
Expectations: Students in the Survey of the Old Testament will be expected to do the following: Read assigned passages (as listed in the syllabus) prior to class, complete corresponding worksheet pages from workbook, memorize 2 passages of the Old Testament (approved by the instructor), memorize the Old Testament books of the Bible and a corresponding timeline, complete 2 papers reflecting a character of God from narrative and prophecy.
Supply Fee: None

Syllabus: Survey of Old Testament Scope and Sequence

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