Bible New Testament – 4th Pd Wednesday (8th+)


Course Description:  What knowledge and skills can we develop today that will be useful 5,000 years from now? This class will seek to help students discover the relevance of the New Testament for their lives today and for eternity. We will look at the four gospels, Acts, the Pauline epistles, the seven general epistles and the Book of Revelation. What is this sacred collection of writings – “the most valuable thing that this world affords” and “our only rule for faith and practice” – all about and how  should it shape our lives? Ultimately, we seek to encounter the One revealed in Scripture and live our lives in union with Him.

Teacher: Darrell Six

Curriculum:  The Books of the Bible New Testament by Biblica (new or used is fine)

Expectations: Outside Homework approximately 2 hours per week
Grade Level:  (8th+)
Max Students:  12
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