Nature Study – 5th Period Friday (1st-3rd)


The goal of nature study is for it to be an organic learning environment to observe and learn from the outdoor world around them. We will focus on different 3 units of study. These include birds, insects, and flowers/trees. We will read picture books and facts about the different species of birds, insects, and flowers/trees.
Each week we will spend a portion of our time on a nature walk observing what is around us while trying to spot those species and topics we are reading about in our literature. After our observations, we will spend time in class documenting what we discovered through sketching and watercolor.
The students will choose what they want to write and/or draw in their journals.  It will reflect their own learning process. We will have 2-3 small presentations throughout the year. These will be very casual and fun for the kids!
There will not be any homework in this class unless your child chooses to bring home their nature journal and finish an entry or add to their entry at home. Looking forward to a great year!

Grade Levels: 1st-3rd

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