Narnia 2 – 2nd Pd Wed (7th-8th)


Course Description: In this course, students will learn advanced writing skills while exploring the enchanted land of Narnia through the Structure and Style Method. This course, which is a Level C- IEW course, uses the last four novels in the Chronicles of Narnia Series (Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle) to teach advanced structure and style techniques. This course assumes that students will have mastered and will be applying the basic dress-ups and sentence openers automatically, so we will begin adding further upper level techniques to their toolbox from the beginning of the course. These additional style elements will include similes, metaphors, parallelism, the adverb and adjective “teeter-totters”, dual modifiers, noun clauses, personification, “invisible” #2 and #4 openers, etc. In addition, students will learn to consistently use transitional words and phrases to tie their thoughts together smoothly and will learn to scrutinize the stylistic techniques for correct grammatical usage as they increase their skills in the writing process. The course will also have a literary analysis component. Students will be taught to use the “Five Common Topics” as a tool for analyzing literature and discovering more about what might make characters in the novels make the decisions that they do. This process of analysis can help students to understand more about the decision-making process in general and understand how to look at two sides of an “issue” in order to develop persuasive thinking skills. As we move through the 4 novels, students will also learn to identify the literary devices used by C.S. Lewis. He was a master in this regard, and his vivid use of language can inspire students to try such devices in their own writing. Vocabulary Study will be an important part of the course as well.

Hope Desormeaux

Expectations: 3-4 hours Per Week

Prerequisites: Narnia 1 or another IEW course
Students new to IEW required to attend summer IEW Workshop – $50

Textbooks & Materials:

  • Student book for Following Narnia Level II: Aslan’s Country (third edition).
  • The last 4 books in the Narnia series (titles mentioned above)
  • A one-inch three ring binder
  • Student Resource Notebook (this notebook can be purchased pre-printed through the IEW website or it can be printed out by the parent from a link).
  • a zippered pencil pouch for vocabulary cards.

Grade Levels: 7th- 8th

Max Students:  12



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