Mock Trial – UA 3rd Pd Fri (10th-12th)


Course Descriptions:  Thousands of high school students from across the state participate each year in this highly motivating, energetic, and challenging academic competition! The program provides a great way for students to gain an “insider’s view” of our judicial system, plus, they gain confidence speaking in front of others and have a lot of fun at the same time.

The competition Mock Trial class is capped at 10 students–the max allowed in competition. Students will spend the fall practicing argumentation, logic, and speaking skills. The case is released in October, and the team will then prepare the case for the Regional Competition, held between Jan 9 – Feb 13. Winners from the region then advance to the State Competition during the first weekend in March. The winner of State Competition has the opportunity to represent Texas in the National Competition held in May.

Students who enroll in this class should be enthusiastic about the competition, willing to be a team player, be willing to be assigned a role by the teacher, and willing to memorize and practice their part extensively. Students will likely only be allowed to enroll on the Competition Mock Trial once during their high school years to make space for other students. Students who do not complete assignments or come prepared to class in the fall may be dismissed from class. While an Mock Trial is an elective, enrolling on the competition team implies a high level of dedication and high expectations both in preparation and in class. Students enrolling in this class also agree to attend every competition the team qualifies for and should consider schedule conflicts before enrolling. Exact weekend competition dates have not been released yet, but student’s are expected to prioritize Mock Trial competition over other activities.

Teacher: To Be Announced
Curriculum: The Argument Builder (Student Edition) by Dr. Shelly Johnson
Case materials provided by Arrow.

Expectations: Formal dress clothes for trial (must be approved by teacher in December)
Willingness to possibly travel. Outside work varies during the year. 2 hours early in the fall, 3-4 for prep weeks, and 5-6 the last couple of weeks before competitions. Once competition is over, homework should return to 2 hours per week.
Prerequisites: Comfortable and willing to speak in front of groups. Able to read on grade level.
Class Supply Fee: $25
Grade Levels: 10th-12th

Max Students:  10

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