Math Mania – 6th Period Friday (3rd – 4th)


Course Description: Math Mania is a course for 3rd – 4th graders who enjoy math, those who don’t, and everyone in between.  This class will NOT have any homework or tests.  It is simply a way to reinforce key math concepts regardless of the curriculum being used at home. Addition, Subtraction, Decimals, Fractions, Problem Solving, Multiplication, Division, Mental Math, and more will be covered over the course of the year.  Occasionally paper and pencil will be used, but mostly the Teacher will provide all necessary materials.

Course Expectations: Attentiveness, a positive can-do attitude, participation in-class activities and following instructions. Students need to have mastered addition and subtraction, and be familiar with multiplication. Division will be used toward the end of the year as well. (by the end of 4th grade, simple division should be covered)

Homework: NONE

Textbooks and Materials: NONE

Notebook paper and pencil occasionally

Examples of Games: Various card games: Math WAR, Spiral, Card Countdown, Coordinate Pairs, Time to Multiply, Blokus, Trifecta, Bingo using addition and subtraction, Bingo using Multiplication and Division, Worksheet games, Spoons and more!

Teacher:  Melissa Cheshier

Grade Levels: 3rd – 4th

Max  Students:  12

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