Living Science/Fair – 3rd Period Wednesday


Grades: 6th-8th

Teacher: Lisa de Olivera

Fall: Arrow Science Fair

Students will learn how to conduct an amazing science fair project from start to finish.  In this class, the students will be guided through the process of discovery utilizing the scientific method with planning, researching, conducting, evaluating and communicating each step of the process.  Some of the 21st-century skill sets acquired through this process include ~ creativity and innovation ~ critical thinking and problem-solving ~ communication and collaboration ~initiative and self-direction ~ productivity and accountability ~ information, communication, and technology literacy.

Homework expectations: 1.5 hours/week

Spring: History of Science

Students will discover scientific inquiry through a classical, literature-based curriculum that utilizes biographies and stories of a myriad of great scientists including Pythagoras, Eratosthenes, Newton and Einstein.

Students will explore 4000 years of people seeking answers to how the world works. As your students read the stories of how scientists discovered scientific and mathematical laws, they acquire a deeper understanding of scientific concepts in a variety of fields such as physics, astronomy, and chemistry. Studying inventors and inventions will provide a vast array of material for written and oral presentations.

An interactive format for the classroom will be conducive for a Socratic method of rich discussions that will be engaging and perpetuate a curious mind and your students will be prepared for further study in high school sciences, equipped with both amazement and enthusiasm for God’s Creation.

Homework Expectations: 2 hours/week

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