Little Arrows Kinder/1st


GO GLOBAL was designed to lay down the essential foundations of learning about where we are in time and space. This program invites parents and kids to explore where they are on the map and to branch out from there to explore this big, beautiful world in which we live. A foundation of geographical awareness and an understanding of where we fit in time-wise with history makes future learning more meaningful because there is immediate context. Children thrive when learning in a small, interactive environment which is what makes our homes such powerful places. They are mesmerized by the power of narrative and learn so much through engaging books. They want to talk to you about everything they are learning and noticing. Adding a playful component seals the deal by cementing into long-term memory these new discoveries they’re making about the world around them and how they fit into it. A day at Little Arrows will involve a morning of GO GLOBAL and an afternoon of Bowmen Sports P.E., Art, and centers/stations.  This day is designed for 5-6-year-olds.

Arrow Program: Little Arrows
Class Day: Friday
Teacher: Heather Haupt 
Supply Fee: $50

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