Life Science – 2nd Pd Wed (6th-7th)


Course Description:  Life Science is an introduction to structured science classes at Arrow. We will cover three units – Plants, the Human Body and Animals. Each unit will consist of short readings, questions and a presentation at the end of the unit. Our class time will be spent covering the main topics and learning thru mini-labs. While this class does not have a full lab component, we do introduce the different parts of science experiments and lab reports. Our goal is to prepare the students for upper-level science classes in an interesting and guided manner.

Life Science utilizes the beautiful MasterBook “God’s Design for Life” to reveal the wonders of God’s creation through the study of plants, the human body, and animals. Designed to build critical thinking skills, this colorful text includes ample hands-on activities to ignite curiosity for our amazing world.
God’s Design: Life by Debbie and Richard Lawrence
Both the text and teacher’s guide are required.

Screen reader support enabled.

Teacher: Beth Medeiros
Curriculum: MasterBooks God’s Design: Life by Debbie & Richard Lawrence

Expectations: Class requires reading & vocabulary review that will likely take most families 45 minutes/4 days a week to complete at home.  3 Presentations
Prerequisites: none
Lab Fee:
Grade Levels: 6th-7th
Max Students:  15


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