Latin Intermediate (2nd-3rd) (3rd period)


For returning Song School Latin 2 students who would benefit from another year of Latin foundation before beginning the challenge of Latin for Children A. Teaching will focus on gaining Latin vocabulary, but also go more in depth with verb conjugation and other higher-level concepts. 

Continuing on a path that matches the energy, developmental level, and fun-loving nature of younger students, Song School Latin Book 2 (Student Edition) completes the engaging introduction to Latin started in Song School Latin Book 1. Weekly lessons include songs, chants, new and review vocabulary, a light introduction to grammar, and derivatives, all without leaving behind fun illustrations, stories, games, and activities. Song School Latin Book 2 will more than prepare students for their journey on to Latin for Children Primer A. They will surely continue their love of learning Latin with Song School Latin Book 2!

For 2-3rd graders who are ready for a faster pace in Song School Latin. This will be a bridge from Beginner Latin to Latin A.

Arrow Program: Arrow Primer 
Class Day:
Teacher: Sharon Miller
Curriculum: Song School Latin Book 2
Prerequisites: Latin Beginner
Expectations: Approx. 20 minutes daily
Supply Fees: None

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