Latin C – 3rd AA Period Friday


This advanced class is for 6th-8th graders who have completed all of Latin for Children, Book B, or equivalent. We review concepts from the previous two Latin books in this series, plus fourth conjugation verbs, as well as fourth and fifth declensions. Students will learn 240+ new Latin vocabulary terms and will be introduced to correlative adverbs. Due to the longer class period, we will also be able to spend time each week doing Latin translations. Students new to Arrow’s Latin program will be tested by the instructor to ascertain their Latin level.

Teacher: Sharon Miller
Latin for Children, Book C
Latin History Reader
Latin for Children, Book C Teacher’s Edition (optional)
Prerequisites: Latin for Children B or equivalent
Prerequisite: Latin Placement Test

New students to Latin B & C

Date TBD

$20 Placement Test Fee

Expectations: 50-60 min/ 4 days per week
Grade Levels: 6th-8th

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