Latin Alive – 5th Period Friday


This class is ideal for high school students, or a motivated 8th graders. Latin Alive 1 is a high school level
Latin course. We review all concepts students covered in the Latin for Children series, plus translate
longer passages in Latin. Special focus is given to Ancient history and culture, as well as modern-day
usage of Latin. Students add to their Latin foundation by studying all conjugations and all declensions, as
well as many other Latin concepts more deeply than they were covered in elementary and middle
school. Students enrolled in this class may take both the National Mythology and National Latin exams.
This is a rigorous class, covering 29 chapters and 7 Latin Unit Readings. Students cover one chapter per
week and occasionally add an additional Unit Reading chapter simultaneously.

Arrow Program: Arrow Academics 
Class Day: Wednesday 
Teacher: TBA
Curriculum: Latin Alive, Book 1- Version 3.0 or later, and d' Aulaires Book of Greek Myths. A Latin dictionary is also a wise purchase at this level.
Prerequisites: None
Expectations:50-60 min. daily.

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