Latin A-1/A-2 – 1st Period Friday


This class will be combining both A-1 and A-2 levels of  Latin using the same curriculum. Famous Latin sayings are introduced, and students learn 240+ vocabulary terms. We also cover first and second declension endings, first and second conjugation endings, first and second declension adjectives, as well as imperfect, present and future verb endings. In addition, we are introduced to ‘sum,’ an important linking verb in Latin, and we learn this irregular verb in imperfect, present and future tenses. We are introduced to accusative and ablative prepositions and cover additional irregular verbs. This class moves at a rapid pace, covering 32 chapters in only 24 weeks. Students are expected to cover one chapter per week, and occasionally combine a review chapter simultaneously.

Required Text: Latin for Children, Book A- Version 4.0 or later edition.

Homework: 35-45 min. daily.

Class Day: Friday
Teacher: TBA
Pre-requisites: one year of Latin

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