Latin A-2 (4th-6th) (2nd period)


Repeat of Latin for Children, A for 5th-6th grade students. This course moves at a faster pace, and covers all 32 chapters of the Latin for Children, Book A. This class reviews material listed above, as well as accusative and ablative prepositions, and the irregular verb “eō” in various tenses. Students learn an additional 60+ Latin vocabulary words, for a total of 240+ words. Homework is approximately 30 minutes per day.

Arrow Program: Arrow Primer 
Class Day: Friday
Teacher: Sharon Miller- Please reach out if you have placement questions for your child
Curriculum: Latin for Children Primer A
Prerequisites: Confirm your child is ready for the pace of Latin A2.  Latin A1 is a slower pace of the same book.
Expectations: Daily homework, approx 30 minutes.
Supply Fee: None

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