Latin 2 – 1st AA Period Friday (8th+)


In this class, students will review to the basics of Latin grammar, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions and other grammatical constructions. We will be completing most of the Henle 1 book. This class is a full high school foreign language credit. Latin is a relatively structured language and this course will focus heavily on grammar and translation. Parents and students alike find Latin daunting. However, I have found through disciplined memorization of forms, vocabulary words, and definitions, students will be set up for success. A typical week will consist of the following work:
• 10-20 vocabulary words (drill pages)
• Grammar forms (declensions and conjugations) (drill pages)
• Grammar rules and definitions
• 3-6 exercises from the Henle text
• Supplemental handouts (occasional)

Teacher: Becky Tarter
Henle 1 Student book, Henle Grammar Book, Memoria Press Books|1004646|1004646|1004646
Prerequisites: Latin 1 – one year MS or HS Latin
Placement Test Required (for students new to Arrow) $30
Expectations: 3-3.5 hours per week
Grade Levels: 8th+

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