Intermediate Spanish – 2nd Period Friday


Course Description: This course serves as a continuing Spanish course for learners who have completed Beg of Spanish 1 or have previous Spanish learning.  In this course students focus on Conversations in everyday life, ranging from At the Park and continuing to At the Restaurant.  In every setting, vocabulary, verbs, and grammar are taught.  Key language learned includes articles of a sentence, correct gender, forming plurals, and describing locations.   Students continue to build on their acquired grammar concepts learned in Beg of Spanish 1 such as syntax, pronunciation and verb conjugation.   Students will learn how to order at a restaurant, describe what and why they like a movie and describe how to do something all in Spanish!  This class is designed to:

  • Hold a conversation with someone in Spanish in everyday settings
  • Interact with other Spanish speakers

Teacher: Katia Luterek

Course Expectations: The curriculum is designed to build upon the Beg of Spanish 1 course and teach the student how to hold conversations in various everyday life settings.

Homework:  Students will receive 4 days of homework each week consisting of 10 – 20 minutes each day.  This homework will involve using a book, an audio download, worksheets and occasionally some assigned activities.

Curriculum: Spanish for You! Themed home use package ($39.95 less 15% group discount) which includes”

  • Soft-cover textbook mailed to you
  • Weekly Lesson Guide (PDF download)
  • Worksheets (PDF download)
  • Audio Files of the entire textbook (MP3 download)
  • Access to Curriculum Activities for You! Page with free extras

Printing:  Weekly printing consists of up to 6 pages of Lesson Guides and worksheets and several pages of flashcard/activity pictures for making vocabulary flashcards.  If you do not have access to a printer you may purchase a PDF package for $19.95.

Additional Required Materials:  Pocket  folder  and spiral notebook

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