Intermediate Guitar – 3rd period Friday


Have you taken lessons before? Have you dabbled in learning but got stuck in your progress? Are you itching to learn more after taking Arrow Guitar Class last year? This course is designed to further encourage musical giftings and to give you the instruction and attention you need in order to improve your guitar skills. Each week will consist of musical concept learning and personalized agendas for each student.

Arrow Program: Arrow Primer
Class Day: Friday
Teacher: Kyle Shafer
Curriculum: Zera Music: Essential Elements of Guitar Book 1
Prerequisites: Completion of Arrow Beginner Guitar Class OR an understanding up to pg. 57 of the Essential Elements of Guitar Book 1!

Expectations: Students in our guitar classes are expected to keep up with weekly practicing as assigned each week. Practice time cannot be emphasized enough. In order to progress in guitar playing and be successful in this class, each student should pick up his or her guitar 3-6 times throughout the week and practice the way that is taught each week in class. (1-2 hours each week)
Supply Fee: None

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