IEW 2 – 4th Pd Friday (5th-6th)


IEW 2 Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons

Course Description:  In this course, students will learn IEW’s Structure and Style® in writing. As students move through various ancient history themes and topics, they incrementally learn and review the models of structure and elements of style. Students will move through the first eight (of nine) units in a step-by-step method with clear directives that help reduce confusion and build confidence in their writing ability. They will learn to create outlines, summarize narrative stories, construct a research report, and essays. Additionally, stylistic techniques will be taught incrementally to move students from a basic to a more sophisticated style of writing.

Teacher: Cathleen McDaniel

Textbook and Materials: Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons

2. Student Resource Notebook-print download from student workbook
3. 3 ring binder with 8 dividers and plastic sleeves for completed papers
4. Zippered pouch for vocabulary cards

Students are expected to know the basics of sentence construction. They should have experience in writing sentences and short paragraphs. Students will be expected to complete assigned work and study vocabulary words. A writing assignment will be due weekly.

5 min daily review of vocabulary words
1-2 hours weekly

Prerequisites: 1-2 years of IEW

Grade Levels: 5th-6th

Max Students:  12


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