History – 1st Period Friday (1st-2nd)


Class Name: History Enrichment – Early American History
Instructor Name: Kim Drechsler
Course Expectations:  60-90 min / Week + 4 Quarterly Presentations.

Course Description:  This class will continue our chronological study of history at Arrow, but narrowing our focus to U.S. history. It is not intended to be a thorough review of all of American history, or even of this time period, but to be an introduction to seeing history through the lens of God’s Providence, his guiding hand over the history of the world and of America. History is HisStory, and we will be actively looking for God’s fingerprints and his purposes on every page. Through the stories, we will learn the lessons of history and find heroes to imitate and mistakes to avoid.  This course will promote patriotism; while focusing on the good, we will examine the bad in light of God’s word. Classroom learning will include:

  • Rich discussion of chapter study questions and the lessons of history
  • Fun mapwork
  • Lively activities and games to reinforce the lesson
  • Weekly in-class worksheets with discussion questions, unit Bible verse, timeline date, quote or worldview point of the day, and “fingerprints” activity
  • Quarterly class presentations
Curriculum: Specifics coming soon!
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