American History – 2nd Period Friday (5th-6th)


This class will continue our chronological study of U.S. history from the Civil War to modern times. Students will see American history through the lens of God’s providence, his guiding hand over the history of the world and of America. History is His Story, and we will be actively looking for God’s fingerprints and his purposes on every page. We will learn the lessons of history and discover heroes to be inspired by. Classroom learning will include: rich discussion of lessons; fun mapwork; lively activities & games; worksheets; Bible verses; timeline information; quarterly class presentations; and occasional foods from the different eras.
Teacher: Liz Goodwin
Curriculum: Masterbooks – America’s Story 2 & America’s Story 3
Time Expectations: 1.5+ hours/week + 4 Quarterly Presentations
Grade Level: 5th & 6th
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