Guitar – 1st period Friday (4th+)


Have you ever had a desire to learn how to play guitar or want to further your understanding of the instrument? Regardless of skill level, these self-paced group lessons will consist of intentional music education based around the philosophies of music theory. By the end of the course, your child will be comfortable reading music, playing music, and reading chord charts in order to play songs that everyone can enjoy.

Teacher: Kyle Shafer
Essential Elements for Guitar – Book 1: Comprehensive Guitar Method (GUITARE) 

Prerequisites: None
Expectations: Students in our guitar classes are expected to keep up with weekly practicing as assigned each week. Practice time cannot be emphasized enough. In order to progress in guitar playing and be successful in this class, each student should pick up his or her guitar 3-6 times throughout the week and practice the way that is taught each week in class. (1-2 hours each week)
Supply Fee: None
Grade Levels: 4th+

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