Grammar – 3rd Pd Friday (5th-6th)


Steps to Good Grammar

Course Description:  This course is all about giving students the tools they need to communicate more effectively.  Through a systematic, analytical, repetitive, and cumulative method, students will understand the basic unit of communication–the sentence. This course progresses from the most rudimentary sentence, to sentences containing sophisticated word arrangements. This developmental approach helps students to gain control over their sentences and to increase their ability to communicate grammatically and meaningfully. This course will cover the fundamentals of English grammar and usage along with sentence punctuation.

Students will become expert detectives as they learn the parts of speech, learn how to identify each word in a sentence, and finally, learn to analyze a sentence through diagramming.

Unit format: Pretest, Practice, Drill, Test

Teacher: Cathleen McDaniel

Curriculum:  No Textbook required  *curriculum provided by instructor-Student pages (provided by instructor)

Steps to Good Grammar by Genevieve Walberg Schaefer Walch Publishing 
-Instruction/answer key for parent (PDF)
-Colored pencils
-Index cards 3×5 with ring to bind

Homework: Varies by weekly unit

This is not a homework instensive class & will likely take most families 20 minutes/3 days per week to complete at home
-5 min daily review

Prerequisites: grammar foundation

Grade Levels: 5th-6th

Max Students:  12

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