Geometry (8th-10th)


Geometry with Math U See. Major Concepts and Skills Include: Describing points, lines, rays, line segments, angles, and planes, Calculating the measure of the interior and exterior angles of a regular polygon, Understanding the geometry of a circle, sphere, and ellipse, Understanding and computing volume and surface area of solids, Using the Pythagorean theorem to identify triangle attributes, Applying postulates, theorems, definitions, and properties to geometric proofs. This class meets both 5th period Wednesday and 1st period Friday.

Arrow Program: Arrow Academics
Class Day: This class meets twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Upon registration for this class, it will automatically assign the student to both the Wednesday & Friday class.
Teacher: Jessica Jacobs
Curriculum: Math U See  Geometry
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Algebra 1 and placement test.
Expectations: Students will meet in class twice a week. At home days will include homework (with corrections), previewing new material, and completing exams. In class participation and quizzes will also be assessed.
Supply Fee: None

Syllabus: Geometry Scope and Sequence

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