Geometry – 4th Pd Wed & UA 2nd Pd Fri (9th-10th)


*This class has been moved from 3rd period Wednesday to 4th period Wednesday in order to accommodate a scheduling conflict for numerous students. If your previously printed schedule says 3rd, it is no longer correct. This class will meet Wed 4th & Fri 2nd. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Course Description:  Discovering Geometry is a fun and exciting way to learn through an investigative model. It applies critical thinking and real-world examples to bring relevancy to the students thinking and understanding. The text focuses on problem solving skills that will push students to become self-motivated, independent thinkers.

Teacher: Jessica Jacobs

Class Day: This class meets twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Upon registration for this class, it will automatically assign the student to both the Wednesday & Friday class.

Textbooks and Materials: Discovering Geometry- Michael Serra, 4th Edition Can find it used (no longer in print) on many websites. Just make sure that it’s 4th edition, very important!By Key Curriculum Press

Course Expectations: There will be homework assigned typically 4 days a week. This could take 30-60min per day – Students will be expected to read Lessons and take notes both on their own and in class. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis to check for understanding. Quizzes and Tests may be given in class, or at home with a parent proctor. There will be investigations done in class, but some may be expected to be completed at home. This textbook is rich with wonderful content-however nothing is common core, or related to state testing

Prerequisite:  Algebra 1

Grade Levels: 9th-10th

Max Students:  16

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