Geography – 5th Period Wednesday


Teacher: Grace Miller

Flight Information: (Course Description)

In this course students will take an adventurous Trip Around the World to explore each of the seven continents one at a time, studying the following areas: GEOGRAPHY (land forms, rivers, countries & cities, climate), HISTORY (brief overview of the history of each continent), RELIGION (Dominant religion/s of each continent; impact on Christianity), CULTURE (government, economics, society, thought & learning, art,  language), KEY PEOPLE (missionaries, historical & political figures, artists, scientists), CURRENT EVENTS/ISSUES (political, social, religious issues). NATIVE PLANTS & ANIMALS.  Activities & assignments will include mapping, research, fact charts, vocabulary drills, games, songs, skill testing, some artistic expression, and food preparation.

Flight Guidelines: Students will be expected to participate in class discussions, complete assigned homework on time, prepare reports & projects, learn geography songs for each region to aid in memorization, and maintain a tidy, organized notebook.

Homework: 3-4+ hours/week (depending on depth of study if using as a family adventure – see*)

Packing List: (Textbooks and Materials)

  1. Around the World in 180 Days* (Student book)
  2. Geography Songs (CD or digital) By Larry & Kathy Troxel
  3. Geography Notebook
    1. 5” 3-ring binder
    2. 8-pack colored tab dividers
  4. Books of interest (from the suggested list in workbook – may be available from the library)
  5. Other supplies (TBD)

NOTE:  The *curriculum is multi-age level.  I will be teaching this class at a 6-8th grade level, but this could easily become a family adventure that you could carry out with your other students at home.  If you choose to do that, let me know as I will

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