French 2 – 3rd Period Wednesday


Teacher: Rhonda Wesselius

Course description: Bienvenue! Continue your study of the beautiful French language at Arrow next
year. High School level French II will be offered on Wednesdays with a 90- minute class period. Over the
course of 30 weeks we will improve our French pronunciation, increase our working vocabulary (nouns, verbs,
adjectives, expressions, etc.) and build on our foundation of French grammar.  In class we will work on all
aspects of language learning:  speaking, listening, reading and writing. French culture, geography and history
is woven throughout the curriculum.
On Wednesdays we will learn the vocabulary and grammar for the week's lesson. Most Wednesdays will
begin with a brief review and quiz on the previous week's lesson. Translation exercises or dialogue practice /
memorization will be assigned each week from the book, which will also serve as pronunciation practice. With
the extended class period we will have activities to reinforce the vocabulary and grammar through games,
posters, etc. Speaking and listening will be developed through audio activities from Native French speakers,
and practice conversations.
Pre-requisite: French I (any course, completed within last 2 years. Tutoring available during the
summer to those wishing to catch up or brush up on French I.)
 First Start French – Level 2 (student book) by Memoria Press.
 First Start French– Level 2 Audio CD (required for speaking / listening practice at home)
 QUIZLET— A link will be sent each week for vocabulary practice. Students will need an electronic
device to access at home.
Homework expectations:  Written, listening, translation, and memorization assignments will provide
necessary practice on all aspects of language learning and will require about 3 hours per week outside of
class. At home, weekly Rosetta Stone activities will take an additional 1-1 ½ hours. Class attendance and
completion of assignments is required.

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