First Language/Writing 2 – 5th Pd Friday (2nd-3rd)


Course Description:  A complete grammar text for young students, Level 2 uses dictation, narration, picture study, and other classical techniques to develop language ability. From nouns and verbs to punctuation and capitalization, this course will help to give your child a solid foundation in grammar and clear communication.

Because Level 2 assumes knowledge of the concepts taught in Level 1, students in both first and second grade should start with Level 1. Students who complete Level 1 in 1st grade should move on to Level 2 in 2nd grade; students who complete Level 1 in 2nd grade may move on to FLL 3.

Curriculum : First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind, Level 2. Writing with Ease 2.  Jessica Wise

Teacher: Erika Klemetsen
This is not homework intensive and will likely take most families 15-20 minutes three days a week at home, if you choose. However, all homework is OPTIONAL at this level, but completion will be rewarded.
Prerequisites: none
Grade Levels: 2nd – 3rd
Max Students:  12

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