English – 5th Period Wednesday (9th-10th)


English 9-10 is designed for 9th and 10th grade students who want to develop their writing skills for college preparedness. Students who successfully complete this class will be well prepared for Arrow’s Advanced English course. This course is very light on outside reading and instead primarily focuses on the writing process. This class pairs well with history or classics courses that have a built-in literature component.

The fall semester will use IEW’s Elegant Essay: Help your students become confident essay writers as they delve into the details of the essay-writing process. From thesis statements to transitions, introductions, and conclusions, students will learn the building blocks of a well-crafted essay.

The spring semester will use IEW’s Research Paper Course:

Moving students beyond basic essay writing, this course teaches students to conduct research, manage note-taking, and craft a well-organized paper. Perfect for completing high school and college-level term papers.
Writing Research Papers is appropriate for high school students. In Part 1 students will answer the prompt “Are social networking sites good for our society?” Sources recommended for research explore the good and the bad related to social networking. The level of the reading materials is challenging and will require students to dig deeper to adequately utilize the information.
In Part 2 students will have the opportunity to develop their research skills, using the Internet alongside print sources as they answer the prompt “Internet: Hero or Villain?” Parental and teacher discretion is advised with online research. Part 3 invites students to choose their own prompt to complete a lengthy research paper.
Teacher: Hope Desormeaux
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