English – 3rd Period Wednesday (8th-9th)


Course Description: The advanced IEW Structure and Style writing techniques learned in Narnia 2 will be built upon in this course as students focus on composing essays (TWSS Unit 8) and literary critiques (TWSS Unit 9) in order to explore ideas from their assigned reading of short stories, plays, and/or poems. Students will be challenged to think more deeply about what they read and write through the study of common literary devices, story journaling, the Five Common Topics, and annotation. Additionally, this course aims to equip students in their understanding and use of English Grammar.

Teacher: Heather Souders
Curriculum: (Specific curricula have not been chosen. Please wait to purchase.)
-Essay Writing Curriculum, such as IEW’s Elegant Essay or Teaching Writing Structure and Style Seminar Binder
-A variety of short stories, poems, and/or plays
-English Grammar workbook TBD
-A Circe Guide to Reading by Andrea Lipinski and Andrew Kern, optional
Expectations: 1 hour/ 4 days a week
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Narnia 2 or other comparable IEW course. If the student is brand new to IEW, the student must participate in a Summer IEW Intensive.
Grade Levels: 8th-9th
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