English 3 (10th-12th)


This literature, writing, and speech course will employ a selection of classic texts as a springboard for rich discussion, analysis, speaking, and writing assignments, all through a Christian worldview. Students should expect to grow in their rhetorical skills by addressing prompts clearly, crafting strong thesis statements, analyzing texts, defending assigned positions, and improving elocution. Themes explored include loyalty, anger, truth, pride, humility, forgiveness, and courage.
Assignments in this course will cover:
– Reading and discussing classic novels, short stories, and poetry of the Western Tradition through a Christian worldview to better understand the works that have shaped our culture. Books will be paced to encourage students to think deeply, with an emphasis on identifying key themes and character motivations.
– Writing essays based on various prompts, with a focus on strengthening arguments with wise use of source texts. Students will practice using a rubric to evaluate their own writing in a thorough editing process. Graded papers will be given specific feedback for improvement on future assignments.
– Studying excerpts of great speeches and writings to learn effective use of language, structural analysis, and incorporate real world history into the study of literature and writing. Students will also memorize some selections to be presented in class.
– Participating in classroom discussions after completing careful reading and preparation at home.
Classroom discussions, rhetorical presentations, and essays will all factor into grades.

Required Texts:
The Office of Assertion by Scott F. Crider
Rhetoric Alive! Book 1 by Classical Academic Press
Commonplace Book
6-8 Literature Books (TBA)

Arrow Program: Arrow Academics
Class Day: Wednesday 
Teacher: Becky Tarter
Prerequisites: Submit Sample 1200+ Word Essay with Citation Page & attend writing assessment over summer.
Expectations: 4 hours per week. Reading literature books, write essays, and practice speeches.
Supply Fee: None

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