English 2 (8th-9th)


This literature and writing course for 8th and 9th grade students will study excellent works of literature and will utilize the canons of invention, arrangement and elocution to write essays.  During the first semester, students will use short stories and novels as springboards for creating issues for persuasive essays. They will develop “tools of thinking” as they work through the lessons in The Lost Tools of Writing. Along the way, they will also review IEW’s structure and style methods and will be expected to include IEW stylistic techniques in their writing.

During the 2nd semester, students will add to the essay structure practiced in LTOW as they learn about more advanced essay components with IEW’s “The Elegant Essay” curriculum.  This program will help the students further develop their essay writing skills and they will learn to apply additional enhancement techniques to their writing.  They will transition from the persuasive essay to additional forms of academic essay writing and will learn to add variety to their thesis & proofs through the incorporation of statistics, research, observation, anecdote and analogy.  MLA format and citation rules will also be addressed. Classroom discussions will follow the Socratic method, and students will learn to identify the conflict, plot, setting, theme and context of the books and short stories that they are reading. Students will also have an opportunity to learn about the elements of poetry by examining some classic poems and will try their hand at writing an original poem.  Essays will be turned in to the instructor and will be evaluated and scored on a rubric. Parents will assign the final grade. A suggested grading scale based on rubric performance will be supplied.

*Advanced 7th graders are welcome to register on a case by case basis.

Grammar review and vocabulary development will also be incorporated into the weekly lessons.

Arrow Program: Arrow Academics
Class Day: Wednesday
Teacher: Bridget Williams
Curriculum: The Lost Tools of Writing & The Elegant Essay
Prerequisites: 1 year of IEW, plus attend assessment in May. If no prior IEW experience, child & mom may view IEW crash course to prepare for course.
Expectations: 3-4 Hours per Week
Supply Fee: None

Syllabus: English II – Writing and Literature

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