English 1 Comp & Short Stories – 2nd Pd Wed (8th)


Course Description: This class is designed to equip students to generate, organize, and express their ideas in written form as they study short stories and poetry. Students will explore the assigned literature through the study of common literary devices, close reading and annotation techniques, Aristotle’s common topics, and through fun classroom discussion. Additionally, this course aims to equip students in their understanding and use of English grammar. We plan to read a variety of short stories and poems from authors such as: Ambrose Bierce, O. Henry, Kate Chopin, Frank Stockton, Richard Connell, Robert Frost, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. We will spend two to three weeks studying each short story or group of poems. During this period of study, students will read the literature selection multiple times while completing a variety of assignments with the intent of helping them attain more understanding and appreciation for each piece of literature. Additionally, students will compose a writing assignment over the course of this period as a response to an idea presented in the literature. These writing assignments will range in length from one paragraph to a multi-paragraph essay. Students will learn the following essay structures: persuasive, comparison, and informative.
Teacher: Heather Souders
Required Curricula:
  • Short stories and poems (these will be provided by Mrs. Souders)

Supplies:  1 – 1/2” 3 ring binder; Tab dividers labeled with the following titles: Grammar, Writing, Literature, Graded Work; Notebook paper for notes; Highlighters for annotation — pink, orange, yellow, blue

Expectations: Class requires reading, writing, and grammar assignments that will likely take most families 60 min/3 days a week to complete at home. Writing assignments and essays are assigned with literature selections.
Prerequisites: This class builds on concepts learned in the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Following Narnia 2 curriculum. Students new to IEW will need to attend a summer writing workshop. 
Grade Level: 8th
Max Students:  15
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