Economics – 4th Period Wednesday (10th-12th) – Spring Semester


Through this study, we will come to appreciate the invisible hand of market prices, how the laws of supply and demand work, and the importance of sound institutions and policies. We will look at how the following help or hurt the economy:

-inflation competitive markets capital investments transaction costs cronyism
-stimulus packages bailouts
-free trade

Students who better understand the world are best prepared to take their place in it. This understanding will allow students to become men and women of character, to recognize their God-given talents and skills, to promote human flourishing through thoughtful, common-sense approaches based on sound economic principles and, most importantly, it will inspire them to take their part in God’s design for transforming their communities and culture—by God’s grace and for His glory.

Teacher: Julie Pate

Course Expectations: Students will complete assigned reading and video material and questions prior to class. Keeping up with assignments will enable students to fully participate in class discussions. Class participation is a large part of the grade. Class discussions and debates will be fun and help the students to better process and learn the material.

Textbook and Materials:

• Oikonomia: Economics for Life and Purpose (3rd Ed.) – Student Text (consumable) • Money, Greed, and God – Jay W. Richards, 2009
• Common Sense Economics – James Gwartney, et. al., 2005
• 3 ring binder with notebook paper

• pens/pencils

Estimated homework:
2-3 hours per week, depending on the pace of the student.

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