DUAL CREDIT ENGLISH (1023) SPRING 2nd Pd Wed (11th-12th)



Dual Credit English (Course Code 1023) – THIS COURSE HAS A MONDAY MORNING ZOOM CLASS (8:30-10am)

1023: Course Description: A study of argumentation/logic and writing for the professions with an emphasis on using the personal computer to plan, draft, and revise written projects. Each student is required to write a fully documented research paper and give oral presentations in class.
Teacher:  Elissa Polley
Book Info: Title: Revel for Perspectives on Argument (Combo Standalone Access Card)
Author: Wood, Nancy V. & Miller, James S.
ISBN: 9780135190623

Edition: 9

This class is offered SPRING Semester – must register with Arrow, then register with the college.
If your student plans to be on campus during the Fall Semester, please select a study hall to fill this period.

$270 Course Fee paid directly to LeTourneau – College registration will take place mid-summer.  More info to come.

$50 deposit Fee (paid at registration) to Arrow covers the cost of administrative fees and building use for hosting the course on campus.

Prerequisites:  Students need to be at the college reading and writing level and have the emotional maturity to interact with the instructor independent of their parent.

Max Students:  12


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